Forza Amelia 2001 daily web diary.

This is now classic car adventure number six. This time in a new car that I have yet to see or drive, a 1957 Mercedes 300sl Roadster. Yep... Dad is blowing my inheritance! As soon as I get a picture I'll slide it in above. Dad bought the car recently for my mother, who likes to go on these sort of events with my Dad, but does not really reish the lack of creature comforts found in Dad's Jaguars. The XK-120 was bought for events that require a '57 or older car such as the La Carrera Nevada, Colorado Grand and California Mille. The E-Type is of course the dream machine... performance, power, and style all in one compact package. Neither of these however is suited to a nice ladylike tour. So Dad bought this car for Mom. She loves red Merc's and this one will be no exception. She has yet to see it, but she is letting her boys take it out for a shekedown cruise for her... provided we don't break it of course!

Just like I did with the past few rallies, I'm toting along my powerbook and plan to write this as a daily journal, along with some photos from a digital camera and post it to the web each night (ISP willing). Warning: I write this diary every night, while sleep deprived and full of good food and wine, and in a straight 'stream of whatever' style right off the top of my head... so I'm liable to offend at least somebody along the way. Life's rough folks, wear a helmet. You have been warned. I you want to flame me (or maybe even praise me!) here's where to send it.

Enjoy the Run!

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Getting There.

Pictures from the Amelia Island Concours. (Must wait until I return from the trip)
OOOHH! Bonus! I just found Pascal Gademer's pictures from the concours & rally. Have a look!

Monday: Amelia Island to Mt. Dora via Daytona.

Tuesday: Mt. Dora to Cedar Key via Gainsville racetrack.

Wednesday: Cedar Key to 'La Cordillera Florida Centrale', via Tarpon Springs and the Classic Corvettes Museum.

Thursday: Final day!

Friday: Gone home.



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