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La Carrera Nevada 2000 daily web diary.

I'm going along with my Dad on our classic car adventure number five, from June 7th through the 11th, 2000. You can read all about our previous adventures here(98) and here(99) and here (99) and here (2000). This time we are leaving the 1965 E-Type Jaguar home, and take the 'new' older Jag. It is a 1954 XK-120. This will be the first time I have seen, much less driven this car, so I don't have anything to say about it now, sorry. Dad bought this one because he is a lunatic... and so he can drive in events that the XK-E does not qualify for, such as the California Mille, Colorado Grand, and this event.

*DOH!* I just realized (5:20pm PDT, Wed, 6/7) that I left the PCMCIA card I use to read the media from my camera on my desk at work! What a moron. I call the office and have them drop it in a fedex envelope to the hotel we'll be in for the next two nights. So 'till then you will have to suffer with just my text... Thankfully I have enough memory to take a lot of pictures between now and then. Be patient.

NOTE TO OTHER LA CARRERA NEVADA PARTICIPANTS: If you find this page, please email me some info about you and your car so I can add it to this site when I get back to Seattle. Of course I have yet to add the corresponding page to the Cannonball pages, so don't hold your breath! =)

Just like I did with the past few rallies, I'm toting along my powerbook and plan to write this as a daily journal, along with some photos from a digital camera and post it to the web each night (ISP willing).

Enjoy the Run!


Hey, we're famous! We were mentioned (for the NE 2000) by host Shawn King on The Mac Show last week! Have a listen here: <http://www.macshowlive.com> (Go look for 'Link 35'). Shawn says: "Driving for that long with *my* dad would put me into a coma." heh. You can download the show (must have QuickTime installed!) and listen... were mentioned near the start.

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