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Pre-event . Getting there.

Sunday, May 21st:
still trying to get there.

Monday, May 22nd:
A start... & a finish?

Speed Event:

Tuesday, May 23rd:
Back in the saddle again!

Speed Event:
Thunder Road.

Wednesday, May 24th:
Rain, rain go away!

Thursday, May 25th:
The Finish.

Friday, May 26th:
going home.

Flotsam I forgot.

Rally organizers:
Rich & Jean Taylor's
Vintage Rallies website. Color


































































































































































Speed Event: Gymkhana.

No comments unless required... enjoy the visual feast!

Adine Kretchmer gives the thumbs up before her run.

Yes, that's a time-lapse image. =)

British car? Of course! How can you tell? ...lots of towels and spare electrical parts!

David Fischer's Porsche.






Keith Kretchmer's Morgan. Note the relaxed driving stance!





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