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Sunday, May 21st:
still trying to get there.

Monday, May 22nd:
A start... & a finish?

Speed Event:

Tuesday, May 23rd:
Back in the saddle again!

Speed Event:
Thunder Road.

Wednesday, May 24th:
Rain, rain go away...

Thursday, May 25th:
Finish... 1 second or 121?

Friday, May 26th:
Going home.

Flotsam that I forgot.

Rally organizers:
Rich & Jean Taylor's
Vintage Rallies website. Color
















































Still going....

10:15 CDT, Chicago:
Truly Bizarre. I'm back on the very same DC-9 I was on last night. I could have slept in a first class seat and been far better off. There was no shampoo in the hotel shower... thankfully I recently had my hair cut real short. To add insult to injury this flight has been designated the screaming baby, yelling child express.

I encountered a true oddity in O'Hare... I'll have to save it for my weirdness pages.

I wish I had known how long I'd be at the airport last night. If so I'd have gone over to Terminal 2 to see the Butch O'Hare memorial. Apparently there is a fully restored Grumman F-4F there. My boys would have loved to seen it, or at least pictures of it. Butch O'Hare earned a Medal of Honor for single-handedly shooting down 6 Japanese bombers and damaged another, in under 10 minutes over the Solomons in 1942. He flew an F-4F 'Wildcat' which was the primary Navy fighter before the Hellcat and Corsairs started showing up in 1943. He was later killed and had the airport named after him.

From the air rural western Michigan looks like England, had the English posessed the technology and the knowledge of how to draw a straight line. Fields surrounded by hedges... interesting.


4:07pm EDT, Lennox, MA:
I finally arrive in Albany, 32 hours after I left home. If I had the Jag I could have been here on I-90 about as fast. =) My folks meet me at the airport, we pick up a friend of my folks, Norm Koglin, who has just flown in from Chicago. My folks have rallyed with Norm and his Ferrari on the Copperstae 1000 in Arizona. We drive a rental car over into western Mass. and arrive at the rally starting point, The Cranwell resort. Nice old eastern hotel, designed by the Olmsteads. I like the fact that my room has a desk and a data port, so I can upload these pages tonight. The rally crowd is having their pictures taken in front of the hotel's main building... we've arrived too late to have the jag in the pics. We meet up with several folks from past rallies, such as Keith and Adine Kretchmer, David Fisher, and a few others. I see that Clark Nicholls and Frank Filangeri are here when I park the jag next to Frank's.

I call Sue and she's OK. Feeling banged up, and sore, but hanging in there. Great timing for me to be gone eh? Oh well. I'm going to nap, shower and get ready for my first real meal since Friday lunch.

whoo hoo, I'm here!


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