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Pre-event . Getting there.

Sunday, May 21st:
still trying to get there.

Monday, May 22nd:
A start... & a finish?

Speed Event:

Tuesday, May 23rd:
Back in the saddle again!

Speed Event:
Thunder Road.

Wednesday, May 24th:
Rain, rain go away...

Thursday, May 25th:
Finish... 1 second or 121?

Friday, May 26th:
Going home.

Flotsam that I forgot.

Rally organizers:
Rich & Jean Taylor's
Vintage Rallies website. Color

New England 2000 Vintage Rally. Daily web diary.

I'm going along with my Dad on our classic car adventure number four, from May 21st through the 26th, 2000. You can read all about our previous adventures here(98) and here(99) and here (99). I've also written a page about the car, a wonderfully restored and modified for maximum farhenvernügen 1965 E-Type Jaguar here.

NOTE TO OTHER NE2000 PARTICIPANTS: If you find this page, please email me some info about you and your car so I can add it to this site when I get back to Seattle. Of course I have yet to add the corresponding page to the Cannonball pages, so don't hold your breath! =)

Just like I did with the last New England 1000 rally, I'm toting along my powerbook and plan to write this as a daily journal, along with some photos from a digital camera and post it to the web each night (ISP willing). I write in a straightforward, stream-of-consciousness, pull-no-punches style, so I expect as with past pages I'll manage to offend a few folks... you have been warned.

Enjoy the Run!

Note: Saturday, May 27th: I'm back home now and next week I'll go back through the daily accounts and flesh them out with some more detail. Remember I wrote each page in the hour or so between arriving at the hotel and dinner, so there is quite a bit of detail that I just plain forgot to include. If you were there, and I have forgotten your name (I'm real good at that!) or some other detail that you feel should be here, email me.

Hey, we're famous! We were mentioned by host Shawn King on The Mac Show last week! Have a listen here: <http://www.macshowlive.com> (Go look for 'Link 35'). Shawn says: "Driving for that long with *my* dad would put me into a coma." heh. You can download the show (must have QuickTime installed!) and listen... were mentioned near the start.


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