OK, once again my Dad & I are heading out for a week of way too much fun, driving in yet another vintage car rally. This time it is the New England 1000, hosted by Rich & Jean Taylor of Vintage Rallies. This year we wil be driving about the backroads and racetracks of Vermont & Quebec. If I can get Internet access, I will update these pages every night... if I can't get online, I will update them when I can. Be patient!

I will probably try and keep the web design super-simple this time, sorry no bells & whistles. Every time I do this I end up working way too hard, so this year I am going to keep it simple. Besides, I suck at HTML, so I know you don't come here to see stellar web design so much as see some awesome cars and read a good story.

If you want to while away a few hours, feel free to read some past Rally Diaries here:
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OK, take me to the fun!